AT&T Lanza aplicación de navegación por GPS para iPhone

junio 24, 2009

AT&T da un paso adelante con la aplicación de “AT&T Navigator” esta aplicación de Turn-by-turn GPS esta disponible en el AppStore y se presenta como una gran alternativa para remediar la falta de la de TomTom que se espera que se lance antes de que acabe el verano. La aplicación esta gratis en el AppStore [Link] pero requiere un costo de $9.99 por una suscripción mensual en tu factura de AT&T por un uso ilimitado del App.

Entre los features:

  • Automatic Content Updates: No manual updates required. The latest map and navigating details are automatically available to subscribers at no extra cost.
  • Voice and On-Screen Turn-By-Turn Directions: Real-time voice and visual guidance, including street names, automatic re-routes, ETA and total mileage updates. Drivers can also choose among multiple route options, including ‘traffic optimized’; ‘fastest’; ‘prefer streets’; ‘prefer highways’ and ‘pedestrian mode’ to ensure the most customized navigation experience.
  • Speech Recognition: Touch and talk capability for instant turn-by-turn directions to destination.
  • Traffic Alerts: Real-time route monitoring and proactive searches every five minutes for traffic congestion or incident. Voice and on-screen alerts, plus faster route options provided.
  • 3D Maps: Full-color 3D moving map brings navigation to life. Maps provide details on current location, plus streets and interstates within driving distance.
  • Business Listings: One-touch access to more than 10 million business listings from YELLOWPAGES.COM. Plus, access to business ratings, phone numbers and one-touch dialing.
  • In-Route Customization: Users have the advantage of finding convenient rest stops for gas, food and other needs along their current route – saving both time and mileage.
  • Online Trip Planning: Preplan trips, save addresses and manage travel accounts online at Save locations and send directions straight to iPhone.

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